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Replicate: 100% increase in student numbers - guaranteed!

Author: Dave Musson

How do you recruit more students? You don’t, duh, you replicate!

We’ve been busy bees at TAP HQ, and are delighted to announce the launch of ‘Replicate’, the newest feature on The Access Platform that allows you to recruit more students through state of the art cloning techniques and gene splicing technology.

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We wanted to dig beneath the trends and find out how institutions really wanted to grow their student numbers, and what applicants were actually saying about the process of applying to university. So, being the boffins we are, we undertook a 6 month research and consultancy project and spoke to people from the higher education sector, government, and young people in school sin the UK and the US.

The results were pretty fascinating...


We surveyed around 100 recruitment, marketing, and admissions staff in 53 different institutions and found that, overwhelmingly, their biggest student recruitment challenge was finding ‘new’ students:

We also conducted a number of interviews to add qualitative detail to our survey and found that, again and again, the issue of finding new students was raised as the fundamental problem for HE staff.

Suzanne Neill, Student Recruitment Manager at The University College of Central Manchester (UCCM), put it most powerfully: "Finding new students every year is a real challenge. There’s only a finite number of places to recruit them from. As a sector we’d be much better taking a collaborative approach and thinking about innovative ways to make use of what we’ve already got."


Today, Monday 1 April, we're delighted to launch 'Replicate'.

Replicate is an undergraduate duplication tool that enables universities to recruit more students through state of the art cloning techniques and gene splicing technology.

It enables you to:

  • Duplicate individuals or groups of students.
  • Feed DNA data directly into your CRM in real-time.
  • Integrate clones into your social media channels and CMS system.
  • Increase student numbers by a guaranteed 100%
  • Use our ‘Replicate+’ package to duplicate academics and alumni!

Student Replication is the new Student Recruitment.

*Book a demo of 'Replicate' now!*

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