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Articles We ❤️️: July 2018

Author: Rebecca Longhurst

Here are some of TAP HQ's fave articles in July!


The Pie, ‘UK "likely" to be overtaken by Australia - CGHE’
Immigration questions and Brexit have caused the number of international students favouring the UK to stagnate. Universities in Blighty look set to slip below their Australasian cousins as preferred study destinations.

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Absolutely A.Grande

Later, ‘How to Add Music in Instagram Stories with the New Music Sticker’
Insta Stories just keep getting more jazzy. You can now soundtrack your story with a lil' Lipa or Drake by using the new music sticker. Get the insight from Later's Nikki Canning.

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Absolutely A Grande

'Eh, are you using AR?'

Hootsuite, ‘VR Marketing’
We’ve touched on AR and VR a couple of times in previous editions of TAP Cubed but, given the rapid developments in the tech and public interest, the 18/19 academic year really could be the big one for incorporating it into HE marketing.

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AR cat
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