What's new? August 2019

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What's new? July 2019

📚 Good Reading on TAP: July 2019 📚

TAP in the wild: Auckland University of Technology

Inspiration on TAP, episode 9 - Andrew Youngson, Imperial College London

Inspiration on TAP, episode 8 - Tim Watkins & Adam Koszary, part 2

What's new? June 2019

3 key takeaways from the NEON Summer Symposium

Inspiration on TAP, episode 7 - Tim Watkins & Adam Koszary, part 1

📚 Good Reading on TAP: June 2019 📚

Inspiration on TAP, episode 6 - Tracy Playle, Pickle Jar Communications

Inspiration on TAP episode 5 - Liam Ross & Bethan Fagan, Loughborough University

Inspiration on TAP episode 4 - Liam Ross & Bethan Fagan, Loughborough University

Inspiration on TAP episode 3 - Chris Thundow, De Montfort University

📚 Good Reading on TAP: May 2019 📚

We're going on tour!

Inspiration on TAP episode 2 - Katy Duddell

Inspiration on TAP episode 1 - Eric Stoller

We’re starting a podcast…here’s why your institution should too!

How to improve dialogue between student recruitment and widening participation

📚 Good reading on TAP: April 2019 📚

Innovation and technology could save universities millions in marketing budget spend

Clearing 2019: have a fling with TAP this summer!

Won’t get fooled again? A roundup of April Fool’s Day 2019

Replicate: 100% increase in student numbers - guaranteed!

How to boost the reach of your organic social media

Tongue tied - why studying a language is still important

Imposters? ❌ You're ace! Notes from CASE SMC

The new, upgraded TAP - live NOW!

14 reasons we’re pumped for #casemsc this week!

Supercharging Student Recruitment: a short essay

Using social media to tell authentic student stories

How Will Brexit Affect International Students Coming to the UK?

Universities must learn language of ‘Generation Z’ says expert

Latin America: International Student Recruitment’s Hidden Gem

The Tipping Point for EU Student Recruitment

Articles You'll ❤️️: November 2018

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🗣Your #UUKComms Questions, Answered

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Articles You'll ❤️️: October 2018

📰 TAP Weekly Round-Up - 26/10/18

📰 TAP Weekly Round-Up - 19/10/18

Black Cantabs: History Makers

📰 TAP Weekly Round-Up - 12/10/18

Articles You'll ❤️️: September 2018

🚨TAP HQ Updates: September 2018

Echo Dot


Articles We ❤️️: August 2018

🚨TAP HQ Updates: August 2018

Let’s be Clear(ing)


Derrière les sièges

Keep Claim and Carry On

Articles We ❤️️: July 2018

🚨TAP HQ Updates: July 2018


HE tectonics


Articles We ❤️️: June 2018

🚨TAP HQ Updates: June 2018

Focal on the local

Internal comms, WhatsApp with that?

Gramtastic developments

UGC FTW: Nik appears on The Native Podcast 🔊

Acceptable in the 80s

Instagram Killah

Bring Them Your Seasoning: Nik's guest post on The Native